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Unique Home Decorating Ideas for Summer

Posted by admin 04/06/2018 0 Comment(s)

    Summer is right around the corner. However, you're not the only one who should be preparing for the changing of the seasons. You should also decorate your home to get the summer vibes flowing. Even if you're just chilling in your living room.


    Last year was booming with tropical and neutral colors, which gave off a more organic feel. This year took a turn for the bolder and edgier. To give you a general idea this year's summer is all about bright colors and bold patterns. It's also about putting a bit of the outdoors inside. If you feel your home needs a lift, here are some unique decorating ideas for summer.


Beach and Nautical Vibes



    One of the most popular options is a beach theme. This is good for those who can't afford to go to the beach. A beach-themed room is also suitable for people who live far from the sand and sun.


    Start by repainting your walls. Brighter colors don't quite match a beach theme. Instead, opt for some more subdued colors. Pastels and neutrals usually do the trick in this case. You may also place some blue accents on your walls to provide much-needed contrast.


    However, it's not just your walls that should be revamped. Your furniture and decorations should change too! Start with more conservative decorations that would also work with other themes. For instance, you could put a lantern on your fireplace or some stones on your mantle.


    After you've become more comfortable with the theme, you could go straight to the deep end. Why not hang some fishing nets or rope? Why not scatter a couple of shells and starfish here and there?


    Pieces from beaches you've been to also add nice, personal touch to the room. The best part is that getting decorations this way is relatively cheap. Just make sure to follow beach rules about getting shells and other things.


    If the beach is not really your thing, then maybe try a nautical theme. Instead of using neutral and pastel colors, paint your walls with bright whites and deep blues. Stripes are another hallmark of the classic nautical look.


    Adding a few trinkets to spice up the room won't hurt also. You can add a life preserver, an anchor, or even some oars. Bold patterns, even if mismatched, can give a nautical feel to any room. Polished wood and brass fixtures, as well as woven accessories, would also fit into this theme.


Flower Power



    Stepping away from the sea, you may fancy a floral motif for your home this summer. Floral arrangements are a great way to add a splash of color. Start by adding a couple of colorful flowers with some splashes of green. Afterward, place your arrangement in a transparent or neutral-colored vase or container. Try adding herbs of different size and length as well.


    The following flowers have been earmarked as popular choices for this year's summer:


  • Bluestar or "Storm Cloud": This flowering plant can grow up to two-feet tall. It features black stems that perfectly contrast its green leaves. Storm clouds bloom all over with star-shaped, light blue-colored flowers beginning in the spring.


  • Catmint or "Cat's Pajamas": These have fortunately become more heat and drought-resistant as of late. In fact, catmint grows best under direct sunlight. This plant features indigo flowers that start blooming in spring and do so again in the summertime. It also attracts bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds that help with pollinating your other summer plants.


  • Forever Red: These bright-red plants only grow to eight inches; however, their white flowers grow to 14 inches. Forever reds grow best when they are placed in the slight shade during mid-summer.


  • Verbascum or "Snowy Spires": Perhaps an underused perennial. This flowering plant grows considerably tall at 24 to 30 inches. It features white plants that have purple eyes that are beautiful when well-kept.

    Aside from floral arrangements and gardening, you can also add floral wreaths to your home. These fit well in a summer setting and are perfect DIY projects. All you need is a twig wreath and a couple of artificial flowers. You could also add some ribbons and other embellishments.


A Splash of Color



    Pops of color are perfect for a summer home. Painting the walls of your house is a bit of a commitment. However, this change may be what it needs. To help you out, here are the colors everyone is talking about this summer of 2018:


    Turquoise: Let's begin with quite a statement color. Turquoise is indeed one of the more striking colors of the summer. You can start by painting one accent wall with this color and keeping the rest neutral.


    Sunshine Yellow: This color makes any room feel cheerful, yet cozy at the same time. This seemingly organic color works well with cream, blue, and other similar colors.


   Pink: Pink is no longer considered just a girl's color. Pink has the power to convey a variety of emotion from joy to romance. It is perfect as a mood-enhancing color.


    Another way you could add color is through graphic paintings. Just make sure that the color scheme of the picture matches the rest of the room. What's excellent about colorful décor is that they help provide a striking contrast to a bland space. Here are some ideas for summer graphics:


    Seaside: Graphics featuring waves and beach scenes will be favorite this summer. These could perfectly complement your summery color scheme and the rest of your décor.


    Floral: Floral graphics allow for lots of colors. Just a couple of flower-themed graphics in a room could add a variety of hues. Just make sure to stick to your color scheme.


    Animal: Animal graphics will also be having their moment this summer. They pair well with both nature and beach scenes as well as floral graphics.


Bright Summer Lights



    You'd want to bring the brightness of the summer sun through the rest of the day. The best way to do this is through some decorative lighting. Solar powered light is perfect for the summer. They charge during the morning for use during sunset and beyond.


    String or fairy lights provide a stylish way of lighting up outdoor settings in the summer. They could be used during parties or simply to create a relaxed ambiance. You could also wrap these around trees to spread a relaxing glow throughout your garden.


    Lanterns and candles are another great summer lighting option. Aside from providing lighting and ambiance, these also serve a decorative function. Scatter these around a table to create a soft and warm glow for outdoor dinners.


Celebrate the Outdoors



    Make the most out of this summer by entertaining guests outside. You could host lunch or dinner parties in your garden or on your patio. Begin by setting up some lowered tables decorated with summery plants. You could scatter boldly colorful and patterned throw pillows on the floor to serve as seating.


    Stick with the theme by playing some summery songs throughout the event. You could also whip up some summer-themed dishes. Barbeque is popular with both adults and children. Just make sure to balance it out with servings of fruits and vegetables.




    There are many ways to add a summer theme to the rooms in your home. Colors and graphics are among the most comfortable and most accessible ways to do so. If you do use these, remember: go bright and go bold.


    Don't be afraid to take inspiration from outdoor settings as well this summer. Having beach or nautical-themed rooms will make you feel you're there even if you're far away. The reverse is also true this summer. Taking indoor activities such as dinners to the outdoors will be a popular choice. Take this summer as an opportunity to reinvent not only yourself but also your home.

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