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How a Good Shower Makes You a Healthier Person

Posted by yanmeng 16/05/2018 1 Comment(s)

    Over the years, cleanliness has become a fundamental aspect of human life due to endless civilization throughout the world.  Adults always try to encourage the younger generation and other members of the society to stay clean by reminding them that “cleanliness is next to Godliness.” Medical personnel reinforce the statement above by arguing that a significant percentage of illnesses and sicknesses that affect man are caused by dirt. The inability to observe personal hygiene is a recipe for the development of multiple health concerns. Some of the critical health concerns caused by dirtiness include typhoid, diarrhea, vomiting, fever, and many others. 


    With this understanding, medics advice individuals to take a shower regularly to avoid unnecessary health issues. Unfortunately, most of us do not know that taking a shower is beneficial to the human body in multiple ways. We are preoccupied with debates regarding how we prefer hot over cold showers at a certain time of the day or vice versa. We rarely take time to study and understand how taking a hot or cold shower improves our health. Fortunately, you can learn how cold and hot showers help you improve your health every day here!


  • Health Benefits of Cold Showers ​


    Have you ever felt like cold showers are unbearable? Do not worry because you are not alone in that struggle. A significant number of people have a tendency to avoid cold showers especially in the mornings or when the weather is cold. They prefer warming the water to avoid the likelihood of developing fever or coughs. However, research conducted by Harvard Business Review indicates that cold showers are actually good for your body! For instance, I am sure that you always feel the shocks when that cold water hits your body thunderously. These shocks can increase your body’s alertness. In this case, the shocks stimulate more intake of oxygen by your body thereby increasing the heart rate. More so, these shocks intensify the rush of your blood throughout the body.



    A cold shower can also help you enhance immunity by combating heart problems as well as skin-related health concerns by intensifying blood circulation. A few friends of mine have also lost weight significantly by taking regular cold showers in recent months. After conducting a thorough research, I have realized that cold water can increase the accumulation of brown fat in the human body considerably. These functioning can trigger massive weight loss for you!


    Researchers recommend that we try to take cool showers regularly to avoid developing depression. They also claim that cold showers can also help you to overcome depression if you are already struggle with it. Is your skin dry most of the times? If so, worry no more! Medics argue that cold showers are beneficial to the human skin and hair. Cold showers hydrate the skin and hair unlike the hot showers that trigger massive drying of the skin and hair. Cold showers tighten the pores and cuticles thereby eliminating the risk of clogging. Remember that keeping the skin and hair hydrated is a recipe for maintaining a youthful look.


  • Health Benefits of Hot Showers


    Are you wishing to accelerate your growth rate in terms of height? Scientists and scholars believe that the growth rate of the female human body begins to dwindle at the 14-16 age bracket while that of the male body slows down at the 21-22 age bracket. Everyone under this age bracket has the potential to experience more growth. If you are in this category, hot showers can help you enjoy more growth. In particular, research accredits hot showers with stimulating the release of the growth hormones in the human body. However, individuals over the age bracket stated above can also reap huge benefits by using hot showers when nursing some injuries? Medical specialists claim that hot showers are capable of rebuilding damaged cells as well as speeding the recovery of injured cells.



    In 2009, a researcher known as Falagas tried to determine the effectiveness of hot water therapy when medics are treating patients suffering from musculoskeletal illness and the rheumatologic disease. The study reported that the hot water therapy helped the patients to experience considerable pain reduction. The same study reported that the patients who were placed under this treatment plan ultimately experienced a huge improvement in their feeling of wellbeing. In simpler terms, hot showers can help both you and I to reduce pain whenever we are suffering. It can also help you or me to boost one’s self-esteem.


    Remember that we all believe that hot showers can help us to avoid contracting flu or cold. However, we always reach a point where we get flu or cold especially when it rains before we can find shelter. In such times, we can address our sufferings through warm showers. You acquire natural decongestants whenever you step into the bathroom and take a hot shower. Decongestants help our bodies to relieve or alleviate the symptoms of cold as well as flu. We can benefit hugely from natural decongestants during the winter season. Besides, hot showers can produce a lot of steam that subjects our bodies to continuous sweating. Sweating is important because it helps our bodies to remove unwanted chemicals and substances through detoxification.


    Sometimes, we often struggle to deal with anxiety caused by diverse reasons. You may have experienced intense anxieties consciously or unconsciously in the past. It is important to note that anxiety leads to the development of stress as well as other noxious stimuli. These are the emotions that often compel you to engage in the fight-flight response when you encounter a hazard. During such times, you only need to take a hot shower and find solace. A study done by Uvnas-Moberg and published in the Acta Physiological Scandinavuica Supplementum Journal reported that hot showers ease anxiety by increasing the level of oxytocin in the human body by a huge margin.


    With this understanding, it is harmless to state that we all strive to stay healthy all day long. We also want to cultivate and maintain a positive personal image in front of our friends, loved ones, and the society as a whole. That means that we always want to stay clean and dress smartly to portray the right image when at home, work, or any other public space. Therefore, the main question is how do we achieve these objective?


    I am happy to answer your unasked query by telling you that you can only achieve the objective above by maximizing these benefits by using quality shower products. I believe that these are only available at “Quality & Diversity Home.” Visit us at and earn a discount. Try us and become more productive, happier, and healthier person today!

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