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How Home Wall Color Influences Human Emotions

Posted by yanmeng 06/09/2018 0 Comment(s)

     For many years, human beings have used different colors to paint the interior walls of their homes. A researcher known as Leslie Harrington views color as a medium that allows human beings to communicate universally using a nonverbal language. Interestingly, most of us use wallpapers and other home décor products simply to add aesthetic beauty to their rooms. We rarely take time to understand the full meaning of the colors that they select because we are preoccupied with the fact that certain colors are pleasing to our eyes.


     What should all know is that the color that we select for our home décor products is a tool that we can leverage to influence our moods, feelings, and emotions. Therefore, the main question is how the color of our home wallpapers influences our moods and emotions. Fortunately, you can learn how to use the color of your home décor products to dictate your moods and emotions when in different rooms here!


The effect of home wall color on human emotions and moods


    Decorating your room with red colored wallpaper and other home decors can raise the energy level in your room like no other color. Most interior designers accredit the color red with bringing warmth, vibrancy, and intensity to a room. Red colored home décor products are associated with intense feelings including love and comfort. Red allows you to grab your attention and create feelings of excitement and, hence, it creates a happy and fun atmosphere. That is why red is preferred for home decors and wallpapers meant for the dining rooms and living rooms where the color triggers conversations and draws people together.



    Another commonly used color in home decors is yellow. Yellow wallpapers and home décor products are bright and intense, which is the sole reason why they elicit strong feelings when used for interior decoration. The brightness of yellow wallpapers can create energetic, cheery and warm feelings for a room’s occupant. Yellow is one of the excellent home décor colors for bathrooms, dining rooms, and kitchens. However, yellow may trigger feelings of anger and frustration. It is for this reason that most interior designers view home décor products with yellow colors are unsuitable and a bad choice for your kid’s room.



    Color blue is another common color in modern homes due to the contemporary designer’s desire to take advantage of its presence in nature. For instance, deep pools of water create a rich dark blue color while the daytime sky creates pale blue. Designers often claim that blue wallpapers trigger serene and calm emotions. Interior designers encourage clients to use blue colored wallpapers to decorate offices because researchers argue that blue is a motivator and, hence, can stimulate productivity. Warmer blues colors are preferred for large kitchens, family rooms, and living rooms because they trigger relaxation in social areas.



    Green is a color that reminds people about the environment better than any other. Within a house, green wallpaper and home decors symbolize nature, tranquility, jealousy, as well as good health and luck. Even though green is mostly known as a symbol of fertility, it is mostly used for home decoration because of its calming effect. Green creates relaxation feelings and also helps room occupants to relieve stress. Green enhances warmth, comfort, and togetherness in living rooms and family rooms while cooling things down in kitchens.



    Neutral colors are also applicable when selecting home décor products due to their flexibility. Colors like white, gray, brown, and black help ground the color scheme of a room while giving it extra depth. They induce calmness in a room. Nonetheless, avoid choosing home décor products with crimson because it tends to make most people feel irritable by invoking feelings of hostility and rage. All neutral colors should be used to liven things up as opposed to being the main room colors.



    When decorating your rooms, you must also consider color matching by paying attention to balance and coordination. You should consider the entire room including the furniture and multiple other decorations tone. The idea is to ensure that get a perfect harmony and balance between the colors inside the room. You can attain this goal by using same color collocation, choosing a nice contrast color, and applying the point to area decoration tactic.



    It is also important to consider the underlying season when choosing wallpaper. For instance, fiery red wallpapers are perfect for your bedroom when welcoming the cheery holiday seasons. During summer, our interior decorations can liven the mood and, hence, selecting a green wallpaper can create a sense of liveliness and freshness. During autumn, home decor products with a gold color can trigger a sense of deep relaxation especially during then busy days.


    When winter comes, we can chase away the winter blues by investing in brightly colored wallpaper and home décor products. Spring aligns better with home décor products that add a touch of nature to your rooms. For example, the use of a wallpaper with a softer blue mixes creates an elegant view and provokes a sense of relaxation while the use of a wallpaper with pastel yellow color injects your room with energy by stimulating an optimistic, upbeat feeling.


    We all strive to always have positive emotions whenever we are at home. We all love being happy and feeling at peace when at home by maintaining a positive atmosphere for our families, relatives, and friends living with us every day. That means going the full distance to make the house the most comfortable place for relaxation. Therefore, the key question is how can we accomplish these goals?


    I am ecstatic to provide the solution for your unasked question by encouraging you to invest in our home décor products. I believe that you can find full value for your money by investing in the quality home décor products that we sell at “Quality & Diversity Home.” Kindly spare some time and visit us via to check out our home décor products. More so, make an instant purchase and win a discount. Try our products today and create an emotionally healthy home for you and your loved ones today!

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