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How to Choose the Right Drinkware for You: Ceramic vs. Stainless Steel vs. Glass

Posted by yanmeng 28/05/2018 0 Comment(s)

      Are you planning a party and you’re left scratching your head because you don’t know which drinkware to choose? You are not alone. Apparently, a lot of people do not realize the impact of having appropriate drinkware. For one, it says a lot about your personality. Second, it could help set the mood for your event. So let’s get start to know some different kinds of drinkware.


  The earliest mugs were made using wood. Sometime later, around 6,500 to 3,000 BCE, clay cups found their way to popularity. From handles to lids, over the next couple thousand years, many advancements were made to drinkware. This also includes the use of various materials including ceramic, stainless steel, and glass, among others.


The Differences Between Drinkware Materials


    Research has shown that how something is presented helps dictate how it will taste. This is pretty much like how chefs arrange food on the plate to make it more appealing. Drinkware can be made from either ceramic, stainless steel, or glass, among other materials.


    Together, let us look at a comparison between some of the most common drinkware materials used today. We will be looking at the pros and cons of drinking from ceramic, stainless steel, and glass. Hopefully, this article will help you learn more about drinkware. After reading this, I also hope that you will find drinkware that suits your specific needs.


Ceramic Drinkware


    Ceramic is one of the most common materials used in drinkware manufacturing these days. It is great for hot beverages such as tea, hot chocolate, and coffee. This is because ceramic material helps maintain temperature, keeping hot drinks hot for a long time. You may also like it because it is a sustainable material. All you need to do is to wash it and you can reuse it for your morning coffee the next day.


    Ceramic is also a neutral material. What this means is that this material neither absorbs or imparts flavors to whatever you are drinking. This gives drinks fuller flavor and allows you to taste the “real” flavors of your drink. Ceramic also does not affect the smell of the drink. This is important due to the fact that smell also has a great impact on how we taste things.


    Most people believe that drinking from ceramic drinkware feels a bit more sophisticated. For instance, drinking from paper cups may feel cheaper for you because of a number of reasons. You may like the homier feel of ceramic, as paper cups are associated with cheap, to- coffees. Another thing is that paper cups feel disposable.


    You may also feel more secure with a ceramic mug over a paper cup because of the former’s durability. The same disadvantages may also apply to plastic cups. Make sure that you purchase ceramic drinkware from trusted sellers. This helps ensure that you will be getting most, if not all, of the advantages listed above.


Stainless Steel Drinkware



    The next type of drinkware material we will be discussed is stainless steel. A lot of people are big fans of stainless steel for a number of reasons. For instance, drinkware made from stainless steel is extremely durable. Sure, it may get a couple of dents here and there. However, for the most part, no matter how many times you drop it, it remains intact.


    Another advantage of drinkware made from stainless steel is its ability to keep temperatures. This material helps keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold, much like ceramic. However, some may argue that stainless steel does a better job when referring to the soaking time.


    Unfortunately, stainless steel drinkware also has its downsides. For starters, your stainless steel cup may impart flavors into your drink. You may not notice these tastes at first, but they become more prominent as time goes by. This is because a lot of manufacturers choose to use cheaper materials to cut down on costs. As you use and clean stainless steel, metal flavors may wash away into your next drink.


    Additionally, hot beverages may act differently with the stainless steel material. For instance, coffee has over a thousand different compounds that could react oddly with the stainless steel. This could, again, give your drinks some strange flavors.


    An easy way to counteract this is to buy high quality stainless steel drinkware. Buying from trusted sellers helps ensure that your stainless steel drinkware will be durable and longer lasting. Also, you will not be getting odd flavors from materials washing or reacting with your drink.


Glass Drinkware


    The final material we are going to be taking a look at is glass. Drinkware made from glass is prominent in homes, restaurants and everywhere else in our daily life. This is because glass drinkware is cheap, easy to manufacture and readily available.


    You may be glad to know that glass is a neutral material. As a result, this type of drinkware does not impart any unwanted flavors onto your drinks. This material does not wash away into drinks, meaning it does not impart unwanted flavors. It also does not react with drinks such as coffee.


    You may find that glass is more aesthetically pleasing compared to other materials we have discussed. This is because that you are able to see the contents of your drinkware. For instance, this is particularly impressive if your drink is colorful. Glass can also be formed into various shapes more easily. Different types and colors of glass could also be used in the manufacturing process.


    You may be glad knowing that among the materials discussed, glass is the most environmentally friendly material. It is a highly recyclable material that can be reused many times for various purposes. The resources needed to recycle glass are also widely available and easy to use.


    There are those that will argue that glass is not a good material for drinkware. They will say that this is because it is not durable. Nowadays; however, manufacturers consider thickness and geometry of glass in designs, making drinkware more durable. Glass drinkware also provides better grip than most other materials do.


    Unfortunately, most glass drinkware is not good at retaining beverage temperatures. You may not have an enjoyable experience if your coffee gets cold or soda gets warm. Luckily, newer, higher quality glassware uses new materials. These materials give glass drinkware better temperature retention qualities.


    Make sure to buy your glass drinkware from tried and tested sellers. This will ensure the durability of the product. In most cases, they will also give you the best bang for your buck. This is true for this type of drinkware as well as the other we have discussed.





    To wrap it all up, each drinkware material is useful and serves varied purposes.


    Ceramic drinkware is said to be the best for flavor, as it is a neutral material. It is preferred for hotter beverages. Stainless steel is the sturdiest among the bunch. It also performs decently when it comes to keeping the temperature of cold and hot drinks. Glass drinkware is arguably the most aesthetically pleasing, as different types of glass can be used. It is also the most easily available drinkware type.


    So long as you are getting it from a trusted distributor, you know you are getting a good product. This is the case no matter which material you go for. My advice for you; however, is to get all three to maximize each of their benefits.


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