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What’s the difference between $30 and $300 taps?

Posted by yanmeng 24/07/2019 0 Comment(s)

      What are the 3 most difficult places to clean in your home? What will be your answer?


      For me, the first one should be a messy toilet, the second is the moldy sink and the last one is the rusted faucets.


      Some faucets that have been used for 2 or 3 years, the water flow becomes intermittent and the surface has been rusted into green. While, some faucets have been used for 20 years, and the surface is still smooth and new. The feel of adjusting the handle switch angle is still as silky as the chopsticks in the honey jar. The thickness and speed of the water flow are still free to adjust.


      Take the faucet of my house as an example. The faucets of the kitchen and bathroom have been used for about 7 years and they haven’t been repaired even once. Just wipe the surface water stains and it looks like it is no different from the brand new products listed on the building materials market. However, the faucet in the bathroom which is connected with the washing machine has been rusted and can not see the original look. 


      The price of the faucets on the market range from $20 to $200 even more. Experience tells us that the bigger the price span, the more complicated the market. How can I pick a faucet that can last for 30 years or more?


      In the past few months, we have been researching the home improvement markets and we studied the building materials hardware of the whole house. The keys to picking up long-life faucets are the following points: 


  • The life of the faucet is determined by the inner value;
  • Will it become rusted? Just check the surface plating process;
  • Inferior faucets are not only easy to break but also contain heavy metals;
  • Bubble former, front water filter can extend the life of the faucet;
  • If you want to clean more easily, concealed wall mounted faucets and pull-out faucets will meet your needs. 


Part 1- Value Core


      The value of faucets is like the heart of human beings. The quality of the value core directly determines the life of the faucet. 


      To make it easy, please see the schematic diagram of the faucet value:



      The value core is connected to the handle of the faucet, which is the part that determines the switch of the faucet, the size of the water flow, and the alternating hot and cold water.


      The value core determines the basic life of a faucet. The so-called basic life is defined as the time from the first use to the first repair. And because most of the use does not understand the replacement of the valve core (it is not difficult), so the initial repair of the faucet often means last use.


      High-end faucets use quality value cores, which are very different in terms of feel and life. For example, the value cores of Spanish brand Sedal and the Croatian Kerox can achieve a life of 500,000 cycles.


      At present, the best value core type on the market is a ceramic valve core, which is durable, with good sealing performance, not drip, and has stable performance in all aspects. Most brands use ceramic value cores now.



Part 2- Surface Process


      When choosing a faucet, we will find that although the materials are different, they all look gorgeous. Why?


      It is because the surface is processed to enhance the corrosion resistance, and make it uneasy to accumulate scale. Whether it will rust or not in the future use is decided by the surface treatment process.


      It is because the surface is processed to enhance the corrosion resistance, and make it uneasy to accumulate scale. Whether it will rust or not in the future use is decided by the surface treatment process.


      Corrosion resistance depends on the salt spray test level. If the surface is corroded by less than 0.1% in the 24-hour salt spray test, it is considered qualified, which is equal to the 9-level standard.



      The plating surface of the high-quality faucet is high in definition and reflectivity. A good plating usually lasts for 4 or 5 years, and the surface is allowed to have some spots after a long time use, but it is generally bright. This is a qualified plating. The unqualified faucet will rust and rust within a year or two. 



      Stainless steel faucets are inherently corrosion-resistant, so stainless steel faucets do not require plating and are generally polished and surface-brushed to enhance corrosion resistance and aesthetics.


      The difference between good and bad is the brushed nickel process on the surface. The brushed nickel texture of the good quality stainless steel faucet surface is even and delicate, and it feels lubricated when touched.


Part 3--Pay Attention To The Toxic Chemical Or Other Substance


      Using a poor quality faucet is equivalent to poisoning yourself!


      Most of the inferior faucets are made of materials with excessive heavy metals. The water that flows out with such faucets may contain some poison materials which will cause a great effect on our body. Therefore, when picking the faucet, you must pay much attention to the material.


      The mainstream faucet materials on the market are mainly 304 stainless steel and copper.


      Copper ions in brass have a bactericidal effect, and some experts say that copper is one of the best water source contact materials. Brass must be added to lead to be processed into a faucet, but at the same time, this will cause the precipitation of lead. Therefore, we must choose the national standard copper, also known as "59 copper" "hpb59-1 lead brass."


Part 4--Wall-Mounted/Pull-Out Faucets Make Cleaning Easier


      When selecting a faucet, the convenience of cleaning should also be considered. After all, the faucet is used for washing stuff. In addition to the inconvenience of cleaning other things, the cleaning problem of the faucet itself cannot be ignored. 


      The gap between the faucet and the sink and the washbasin is prone to dirt due to long-term water accumulation, and the wall-mounted faucet has no problem of sanitary corners which will save a lot of time for cleaning the faucet.


      The position of the wall-mounted faucet is fixed, and the replacement and maintenance are also inconvenient. Therefore, the size must be measured before installation.



      Another faucet that makes you clean and more worry-free is the pull-out faucet.


      The pull-out faucet, which can be rotated 360 degrees, looks like a simple faucet, but the front spout can be pulled out. The advanced faucet can be switched by the button, which can be operated with one hand and is more convenient.



Part 5--Some Useful Accessories


      Poor water quality at home may affect the life of the faucet. You can consider the following accessories.




      The pre-filter can filter out sediment, particles, algae, etc. in tap water.



Bubble former


      The bubbler has a strainer that can filter sediment and impurities, but its most important function is to mix the water and air flowing through it, so that the water flow has a foaming effect, and the water flushing force can be improved, which can save 50% water consumption.



    I am sure you know the differences and key points now. Finally, let's have a brief summarize:


  • Select ceramic value
  • Priority material selection is national standard 59 copper or 304 stainless steel;
  • The copper faucet coating should be more than 3 layers, 5 layers are better, pass the 24-hour salt spray test (9-level standard), 48 hours is better (10-level standard);
  • The bubbler and the front water filter can extend the life of the faucet;
  • Wall-mounted or pull-out faucets make cleaning easier


      If you want to know more about home improvement, please check our website or leave a comment below. We could have a further discussion.

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