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VSCO Room Ideas: How to Create a VSCO Room(Updated)

Posted by yanmeng 12/08/2019 0 Comment(s)

According to Scientific research, every human being spends approximately one-third of his or her life sleeping. Therefore, how we keep our bedrooms is important because the layout, lighting, and decorations can affect our feelings and comfort. For most young people, having a VSCO room is a perfect way of boosting our moods and maximizing comfort. Ever been interested in creating a personalized VSCO room? If so, here are several tips and tricks that you may consider. 


Tips for Creating a VSCO Bedroom

  • Fairy Lights or String Lights

Fairy lights make VSCO rooms look pretty and, hence, people tend to place tons and tons of them in their rooms. As a VSCO room lover, you may place fairy and string lights that change colors above your bed. However, fairy lights could be hanging around within the room in walls too. When combined with string lights and a piece of floaty fabric, the fairy lights create an environment resembling the act of sleeping under the natural stars. Alternatively, you may use fairy and string lights to create nice words on the walls.




  • A lot of Plants, Fake or Real and Succulents

It is always a nice idea to place a lot of plants that are fake or real as well as succulents in your VSCO room. Succulents and plants such as cactus add an aspect of tropical greenery to your room. When using plants and succulents, your main interest should be freshening up your room. They are easy to maintain as well as sustainable. You may shop for different types of plants and succulents on e-commerce websites such as Amazon, Quality and Diversity Home, and others.


A lot of Plants, Fake or Real and Succulents

image source: Annie Spratt

  • Tapestry

By hanging a tapestry above your bed or on the accent wall, you can creatively create a headboard. Tapestry could work alongside multiple other accessories including string lights and pillows. Consider using your favorite pattern and theme to liven the room. For instance, you may want to match the tapestry to the print and color of the bedsheets in your bed.


wall tapestry


  • Retro-ish Pictures and Neon Signs

Without any doubt, neon signs and retro-ish pictures should be a go-to for you. It is quite easy to download the retro-ish pictures from the Internet and, subsequently, print them out. When combined, neon signs and retro-ish pictures will give your room a warm glow. The neon signs will illuminate your room with different types of light. Together with retro-ish pictures, the neon signs will create innovative conversation pieces by reminding you about your focus whenever you step into the room. Such an atmosphere tends to boost comfort and is perfect for girls' night. 


Retro-ish Pictures and Neon Signs

image source: Brittney Burnett

  • Create a Poster Wall

You need to find posters that boost your soul. As such, the main focus should be on searching for inspirational art quotes that speak to your soul from the internet. You may also consider searching for the pictures of favorite people that you admire in life. These are the people who are heroes in your opinion. However, it is not necessary to use frames to stick the pictures to the poster wall. On the contrary, colorful washi tape can do.


Create a Poster Wall

image source: Christian Fregnan

  • Create a Photo Collage

As mentioned before, VSCO is all about showing off your lifestyle. Therefore, you need to document the happy times by printing the pictures that you have taken in the past and present. These pictures could be about the favorite places that you have visited in the past. They could also show your friends, family members, pets, and loved ones. After printing, hand the pictures in a wall using a gallery format. You may also consider offsetting to give the room an eclectic look. Personally, I love the concept of filling an entire wall with photos hanging in different designs and shapes.


Create a Photo Collage

image source: Andy Art

  • Mirror with Lights

One of the greatest ideas that you can use to make your VSCO room appealing is to position a mirror in your poster wall. In most cases, VSCO girls add stickers to the mirrors that they hang on the wall opposing the feature wall. In other cases, they surround their mirrors with flowers. However, the most important idea is to add lights to the mirror because doing so will do wonders for you especially during the selfie-taking sessions.


Mirror with Lights

image source: Enrico Carcasci

  • Create a ‘Selfie’ Backdrop

The perfect VSCO room is equipped with a flawless ‘selfie’ background. As a VSCO girl, you will be taking so many pictures and using them to decorate your room. However, there will always be that selfie that stands out as the best. This is the selfie that you ought to use to create a worthy background. The sparkling selfie should be the center of attraction in your poster wall. You may consider surrounding the selfie with some creative décor such as string lights or flowers.


Create a ‘Selfie’ Backdrop

image source: Juliana Malta

  • The VSCO Room Bed

To make a VSCO room bed, go all out for coziness. It is common to see VSCO girls focusing on making beds that are just barely put together because there is no emphasis on making one’s bed or even ironing the sheets. What you need is to purchase a fluffy duvet and add multiple pillows. Ensure that you make a fuzzy throw of your beddings as shown in the image below.


The VSCO Room Bed

image source: Nicole Wolf

  • Add Fluffy Pillows

I am sure that you need to stay warm as well as cozy at night. If so, then you need to have cute fluffy pillows. You also need to embrace plush throws to add a sense of luxury or lavishness to your bed. Personally, I have so much love for fluffy pillows that have printed words especially if they are some of my favorite quotes. Try mixing colors, patterns, and fabrics to give the bed a textural and visual treat!


Add Fluffy Pillows


  • Go with a Monochromatic Look

The color choices that you make for your room are vital. For instance, I am in love with the VSCO room shown in the image below. In particular, the room creates a cozy and peaceful space where one can relax comfortably. By choosing pink and white, the room creator has blended whispery colors (pink) with neutral colors (white) to form a soothing calmness in the room. Therefore, the occupant of the room can rest serenely after a tedious day at work or school. 


Go with a Monochromatic Look

image source: Liana Mikah

In conclusion, VSCO revolves around the idea of living in the moment. The focus is on documenting the present life as well as maximizing bedroom comfort. The perfect VSCO room enables the occupant to rest and sleep comfortably. Therefore, try out our tips today and transform your normal bedroom into a perfect VSCO room!

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