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7 Tried-and-True Ways to Stay Cool this Summer

Posted by yanmeng 25/06/2018 0 Comment(s)

    Summer is a much-anticipated season especially for people living in the colder parts of the country. With clearer skies and family and friends taking a break from school and work, you are presented with infinite possibilities. The warm days are fantastic until the temperature spikes.


What Happens to Your Body During Summer?


    It's the season for walks on the boardwalk, cruises, backyard barbecue parties and campouts. But along with these promises are chances of losing your temper, and getting heat stroke.


    Excessive physical exertion or prolonged exposure in high temperatures can trigger overheating of the body. It happens when the body reaches 104 F (40 C) or higher, resulting in some symptoms which include altered behaviour, sweating, vomiting, rapid breathing, palpitation and headache. If not treated right away, it could damage the heart, brain, kidneys and other internal organs.


    It's important to know that your body is continually working to maintain the average core temperature which is 98.6°F (37°C). During summer, you will notice that you easily feel sticky. It's because your body produces more sweat for surface cooling.


    However, you should not leave it all to homeostasis. Here are 7 things that you can do to stay cool this summer:


Tip #1: Increase Water Intake



    Water is lost through sweat. Therefore, the more you sweat, the more water is discharged from your body. Once the water supply is depleted, sweating is decreased and so is evaporative cooling.


    One easy way to mitigate the heat is to increase water intake. It's more useful to take in than to apply a moist towel on your skin because drinking cools the body from inside. Also, water is vital for virtually all physiological processes.


    Water can be boring. So try to trick your body into drinking more of it by making fruit smoothies or nibble on frozen treats! Limit alcohol intake because it can increase urinary output.


Tip #2: Let the Breeze In: Hang Sheer Curtains



    You can easily keep the heat at bay by turning on the air conditioner. But if you endure long frigid months, you surely want to experience everything summer has offered: the warmth, the clear skies and the breeze.


    Take down your dark and heavy draperies and replace them with sheer curtains. This type of curtain will provide a decent amount of privacy while allowing you to a vision of the outdoors and the pleasant summer breeze.


    Perfect for this season are sheer shades with floral or butterfly embroidery.


Tip #3: Invest in a Portable Personal Space Cooler



    The outdoors is in different colours during the summer. You surely want to gawk at the infrequently vibrancies. This season is also a time for games and lunches with friends in floral clothing. If the heat turns prickly while you don't want to miss the best of summer, consider a portable personal space cooler.


    This air conditioner is only 7x7x7.9 inches but can run for up to 8 hours. Weighing only 1 kilogram, you can take it with you during baseball games, sight inspections, outdoor parties and virtually anywhere.

Just fill the tank with water and plug into a power supply. This lightweight device emits a whisper-level sound that can be soothing at night.



Tip #4: Take Cold Showers



    When things go wrong, take a shower.


    The heat wave can agitate you, and the fastest way to get you off of the funk is to a cold shower. It will bring down your body temperature fast and make you feel refreshed. But limit your trips to the shower because too much of it can over dry your skin and hair. A rinse before bedtime can also help you sleep better.


    A big rain shower faucet system made of polished chrome is perfect for quick showers during summer.


Tip #5: Use Light Skin Care Products


    Summer is no excuse to skip your skincare routine. However, you have to make a few alterations to beat the heat.


    Those living in humid environments are advised to abandon moisturiser for a while and use it only around the eyes. Look for an eye gel because it is the lightest form of moisturiser.


    If the climate is drier, you need to keep the moisturiser. Find a product that doesn't contain emollients because they don't block the pores. Thinking of heavy moisturisers is blankets. It's essential for the skin to breathe to maintain healthy body temperature.


Tip #6: Switch to Cotton Beddings



    According to the National Sleep Foundation, it can be difficult to fall asleep if the room's temperature is higher than 75°F. So aside from cold shower, you're going to benefit from cotton sheets this summer.


    Cotton is a breathable material, which means air can circulate through it and allow body heat to disperse to the surface and for sweat to evaporate.

During the day, wear clothes generally made of cotton. And make sure they are light-coloured because subtler shades they reflect more light energy.


Tip #7: Limit Electronic Use


    Electronic equipment generates heat. So if you're determined to stay cool throughout the summer, limit your electric use. Put down the tablet, turn off the television and switch to Energy-star qualified products, which produce less heat than those that are not qualified. Replace incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) or light-emitting diodes (LEDs) because they are more energy efficient.


    The essence of summer is to enjoy the sunshine anyway. Plan outdoor activities to entice everyone away from their screens.


What to Do When Heatstroke is suspected?


    If a person shows signs of heatstroke, contact local emergency services number. It is essential to seek medical help right away to prevent damage to internal organs.


    While waiting for the emergency personnel, try to bring down the body temperature by moving the person into a shaded area. Remove the jacket, socks, or any excess clothing and place ice packs or wet towels on their head, neck, groin and armpits.


    Take note that age, medication and certain health conditions can make increase a person's risk of experiencing heatstroke.

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