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Practical Items You Can Give This Father's Day 2018

Posted by admin 01/06/2018 0 Comment(s)

    He probably backed you up during numerous arguments with mom, endured scorching afternoons to show his support during your games, stood by the door and eyed your prom date, scolded you for coming home late and taught a lot of valuable life lessons.


    While you can't give everything back to him, you can certainly make him feel appreciated for a lifetime of sacrifices which he made for the family. Forget about ties and wallets and all those standard gifts. We've compiled some of the best gift ideas for this Father's Day to help you move closer and being the best kid.


1. Glass Cup Bottle with Cigar Groove for Beer, Wine, and Whiskey



    Whether he likes it straight or on the rocks, your dad will be thrilled to receive a high-quality crystal glass for his beer or whiskey. The cup has a groove that can be used to hold most cigars. It can be his constant barware after an exhausting day at the office, a comrade during a freezing winter or just his regular glass for leisurely weekend sips.


    Capable of holding up to 9 ounces of liquid with a smooth body that is comfortable to hold, your dad will have the drink of his life. Get two pieces and join him!


2.Stemless Aerating Wine Glass



    He is going to like that bottle of high-end Cogno Barolo Ravera better with a stemless aerating wine glass. This product brings functionality to a unique wine glass design. In the center, is an aerating fountain that will disperse the liquid out of several aeration spouts, infusing wine with oxygen to release more flavors. The aeration process will tell help him appreciate the quality of the ingredients and the preparation of the wine better. He can still cool the wine, cognac, or whiskey by putting some ice in the aerator.


    A glass can hold 7 ounces of liquid and can be an elegant addition to his bar.


3.Sock Organizer with Easy Locks




    Your dad may be the most admirable guy in the neighborhood, but that doesn't mean he never loses a sock. ^_^ Help him get his drawers more organized by gifting him with a sock organizer.


    This product has natural locks that can hold up to 9 pairs of socks. Merely insert the socks into the loop then secure them by adjusting the sliders. The organizer can be hung in the laundry room or the closet which means it is a brilliant space-saver.


4.Polyresin Easter Island Statues Paper Tissue Box



    Is he interested in ancient history? Or simple fascinated with geological features? If yes, consider giving him this Moai-inspired tissue box holder made of polyresin.


    The top of the box bears the face of the famous human figures carved by the Rapa Nui people of the Eastern Island in eastern Polynesia between the years 1250 and 1500. The 7.8×5.1×5.5 inch box is made of polyresin which means it is sturdy yet lightweight and has excellent heat stability. The exciting design is an affordable addition to your father's already-stylish bedroom.


5. Portable Rubber Tire Ashtray



    Let him puffin style! This ashtray looks exactly like a car tire--only it's not. The outer covering is made of rubber while the inner cover is of stainless steel. The center cap bears the logo of a famous automobile brand—and you have several brands to choose from! Given its trendy design, your dad will be proud to bring it along with him during trips to the outdoors or long days on the road.


    This product can also serve as a design element in his car, garage or office.


6.Vintage LED Table Lamp



    A soft, warm glow from a desk lamp can set his mood for a nightcap or a bedtime read. So wrap him this vintage-inspired desk lamp with an iron stand bound with hemp rope.


    Standing just about 60 X 28 X 13 cm, this exciting product can effectively light up a room 8-15 square meters with its 110-240 voltage.


7. Woman Action Figure



    Believe me when I say there's still a kid inside that stern-looking man! Add this highly-detailed action figure to his collection of toys. Even if he doesn't have that kind of selection, this is still going breath some more life to any room.


    Made of polyvinyl chloride and is sized at only  11.0 cm x 6.5 cm x  19.5 cm, it can fit in his cramped office desk or his overhead shelf.




    We understand that you want to make the day extra special for him, but do not let the pressure get into you. Set a budget for the celebration ( he will be delighted to have a child who knows how to manage his/her finances) and give something that suits his personality and lifestyle. Weeks before Father's Day, listen to the things he says. He could give away some ideas.


    Look around his bedroom, garage, or study. Try to assess if anything is missing or has to be replaced (maybe he needs a new printer or a new TV).


    Be creative when handing the gift over. Put it in his drawer or any particular place, or use subterfuge by using a packaging it with something that won't give him a hint of what's inside.


    No matter how strait-laced, deep inside every man's heart is the desire for words of love. Including a letter or even just a short note to tell him how grateful you are to have him as a father.


    Happy father's day to all the dads around the world. We are proud of you. You are always our hero. 

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