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15 Biggest Home Décor Mistakes You Need To Avoid and Their Solutions

Posted by yanmeng 08/04/2019 0 Comment(s)

When we visit or rather enter a meticulously and beautifully designed living space, we feel it right away. We see the perfect proportions that give the living room a certain grandeur and we are welcomed by the plush seating. The room creates a feeling of safety and luxury. Whilst enjoying the view and comfort, we never try to imagine the décor mistakes that the house owner has avoided. Luckily, here are the 15 mistakes to avoid and their solutions if you wish to create a living space similar to that described above.


Not Having Houseplants


They say that a little green breathes life into the living space life! Unfortunately, some of us underestimate the statement above by having zero houseplants around and in the living space.


Solution: as a pro, you may consider placing a little houseplant on the shelf or on the coffee table. However, try not to overdo it to avoid turning your living space into a conservatory.



Not Testing Paint Colors


Many people make a huge home décor blunder by starting to paint their big walls without testing the paint color beforehand. Although it is a blunder, many people have ideas about their preferred wall color and, hence, they start the project with high optimism.


Solution: You may buy a few containers of the favorite paint that you have in mind, albeit in small quantity. Subsequently, you could try diverse hues on a small wall space to come up with the right mixture before starting painting the big space.



Too Many Photos


We all love photo galleries because they are our memories. However, keeping too many photos on your living space is one of the most outdated décor ideas that clutter the feel of your space.


Solution: Limit the number of photos, make a unique gallery on the wall, and organize the photos in a chronological style.



Undressed Cables


Nothing is uglier than having undressed cables hanging around the living space and in other rooms! Besides, we all know the health risk posed by naked wires when connected to electricity.


Solution: Always replace undressed wires with insulated ones and use the cord cover, which matches the wall color, to hide them against the wall. Consider keeping charging cables in a drawer too.



Outdated Accessories


There are times when we hang on to dated hardware because of its sentimental value to us. We keep damaged hardware because we cannot make the decision to lose it.


Solution: be courageous to update your hardware by making small changes like replacing the outdated bath and kitchen cabinets with modern hardware.



Furniture That Doesn't Fit


Most people often face the dilemma of fitting their furniture in living rooms because the furniture is too big or bulky.


Solution: The trick to fitting your furniture to your room is learning how to balance the arrangements. For example, purchase a smaller coffee table if your sofa is bulky.



Too Many Color Patterns


Does your room have too many colors and patterns? If so, then your room could look busy, distracting, as well as crowded to the eye.


Solution: you ought to choose the colors and patterns used for decorating your room wisely. It is advisable to choose some fun patterns for your wall and furniture. However, it is advisable to keep the other pieces solid so that you may avoid giving the space a busy design.



Floating Rugs


Even though you may prefer having floating rugs as part of your room décor, trust me it is a décor mistake that you should avoid because it gives your room a disproportional look.


Solution: purchase a rug that touches almost all the furniture in the room. You may use a measuring tape to formulate an outline of the area where the rug should be placed before making a purchase.



Improper Lighting


We all love having décor lighting in our living rooms to set the mood right. However, we often make the mistake of selecting hideous lighting for our rooms and end up making an awkward décor statement.


Solution: Consider adding multiple lighting forms to the room to gain control over the mood and feeling of your space. Try including under-cabinet lighting, table lamps, floor lamps, and overhead lighting.



Too Many Knickknacks


As a family, every member has lots and lots of stuff that may take over the house. Even an individual can have a lot of small valuable objects like ornaments and accessories scattered all over the house.


Solution: Be the master by conquering the clutter through tidying up and placing the knickknacks in dedicated storage boxes.



Hanging Art in the Wrong Place


When you must take an unbalanced body position to see your art, then know that your art is in the wrong place. You may have hung the frames higher or placed it lower.


Solution: use your eye level to decide the optimal height for hanging art in the room. In addition, use the door frame to determine the maximum height where a big art can touch. Ensure that the bottom edge of any art is roughly six inches above the top of your sofa.



Purchasing Poor Quality Furniture


Sometimes, we purchase cheap furniture because we do not have enough budget to make lavish purchases. In such times, we purchase poor quality furniture to match our budgets.


Solution: approach home décor experts who can show you inexpensive furniture that not only meets your budget, but is also of high quality.



Arranging Furniture Flush against a Wall


We usually make the mistake of thinking that pushing our furniture against the wall will give our living space the best design aesthetic. However, doing so makes the space too boxy as well as uniform.


Solution: consider getting your furniture off the walls. You may place the furniture in the center of your room. You may be surprised at how beautiful the backs of your furniture can be!



Making Everything Matchy-Matchy


Is your room similar to a catalog page? If yes, then you are making a mistake because humans never live that way. A catalog seeks to sell furniture, but your living room is not designed to do so.


Solution: rise up and create a lived-in appearance. Give your room an eclectic design by adding diverse accents, designs, and pieces that capture the eye and invite interest.



Following Design Trends


Maybe you are trend-savvy and, hence, always eager to follow fads. Yes is it fashionable to do so, but disposing items like furniture will be difficult once the fad is no longer a fashion.


Solution: rather than following other people's insights, get creative and choose your own style by decorating your room in a style that you are will love for a long time. Enjoy the fun and be ready to recycle the style when you no longer feel comfortable with it.



In conclusion, it is human to make mistakes even when you are decorating your room. Professional designers make décor mistakes too. However, using the tips above could save you from making a mess out of your living room! 

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