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10 Home Design Wallpaper Ideas that Worth Trying 2018

Posted by yanmeng 16/08/2018 0 Comment(s)

    We all know that wallpaper may be the best and easiest way to transform a dull room into a fabulous place. When we plan to redecorate and renovate our house, there is no doubt that fashion and trendy wallpapers are necessary. I'm sure you have probably seen so many "before and after" photos of rooms that surprise you. Of course, this is, after all, the most straightforward and more accessible way to change a room's makeup in a blink of eyes. Then I would like to recommend some gorgeous patterned wallpapers that are designed to give just about any room some design clout and beautiful art.


Pink cute flamingo wallpaper


    Pink cute flamingo wallpaper will be perfect for young and stylish girls. These warm and lovely feathered friends will bring your home more fun and colour, also give your wall tons of texture.


Vintage 3D abstract aurora wallpaper


    Vintage 3D abstract aurora wallpaper. The combination of yellow and cyan colours gives the walls a layered look. The abstract aurora pattern blends nature and space perfectly, making people feel under the aurora and immersed the vastness of the universe and the magic of life.


Marilyn Monroe wallpaper


    Marilyn Monroe wallpaper. One of the sexiest women lives in your room and accompanies you, that will be amazing. This print PVC Marilyn Monroe wallpaper will always remind you of the past time, encourage you to cherish time and youth, be sexy, be elegant, more importantly, be yourself.


Tropical green plants wallpaper


    Tropical green plants wallpaper. Nothing says "bright" and "fresh" like a tropical plant wallpaper. So get in on the botanical print trend with this vibrant, green leafy wallpaper. Take a step in the hot and passionate summer.


Route number wallpaper


    Route number wallpaper. Classic blue and dark background wallpaper make you feel in the bustling city. Every turn around will meet the new person and find new scenery in life.


Retro red brick stone wallpaper


    Retro red brick stone wallpaper. The dark red brick pattern adds a sense of weight and history mystique to the room. Touch the wall, feel the past time and culture. The layering and patchwork of the bricks also increase beauty to the home. It will be the best choice for retro home decoration.


ethnic flower pattern wallpaper


    Natural style, vintage personality. Elegant and fresh pale yellow tones with ethnic flower pattern, this wallpaper will turn you guest on. Maybe it's time to change a style of home and enjoy a different mood of life.


Geometric simple design wallpaper


    Geometric simple design wallpaper. A bold, geometric wallpaper in this foyer welcomes guests. Decorating will some solid colour decors, and furniture will be perfect and also show you the particular taste of life. Less is more, back to the nature of life.  


3D stone PVC wallpaper


    3D stone PVC wallpaper. Creative geometry and industrial style wallpaper which achieves an aesthetic balance perfectly. With pure black and white as a colour scheme, this wallpaper decorates the wall with layered texture.


American style flowers plants wallpaper


    American style flowers plants and birds, fresh and elegant literary atmosphere. Gift your home with a traditional blooming garden design. BOTANICAL Blossom is from the Tempaper Elements Collection. This is a floral design of light blue and faded greys.


    It would be better to take your home decoration style and personal taste into consideration when you choose your home wallpaper. May you enjoy the art of life and make every simple day shinny.


    If you like one of the wallpaper, leave a comment, and I will give you a surprise. 

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